Sidewall bringing brisket to TR, #yeahthatHYPEmachine, NYT on Stormy Daniels GVL visit

Score another one for the Greenville News’ . The go-to source for new foodie news in our little patch of green greatness, Callum-Penso has all the deets on the Sidewall Pizza team’s new Travelers Rest barbecue joint, Monkey Wrench.

Sidewallers Loren Frant and Andy O’Mara have brought on the Lazy Goat’s Steven Musolf to oversee all operations for the burgeoning empire, and right now, the trio is still crafting a menu.

But the Monkey Wrench team already knows one thing for certain: they’re going to focus on brisket.

As pulled-pork diehards-turned-Texas barbecue converts, we can’t applaud this enough. Bring on the burnt ends.

Speaking of monkey business, a Greenville Zoo orangutan escapes from his pen … again.

Yes, we know orangutans aren’t monkeys. They’re great apes. And one day they’re going to take over this planet. At the rate we’re going, that could be next Tuesday. Friday at the latest.

The number of Democrats running to unseat Republican Trey Gowdy is growing. Lee Turner, Chris Chastain, and Will Morin have already thrown their blue beanies into the ring, but now you can add J.T. Davis to the race.

Davis told the Anderson Independent’s Kirk Brown he decided to run because he gets “tired of yelling at the television.”

We know the feeling.

However, we’d be remiss not to point out Democratic political consultant Tyler Jones’ words of wisdom for anyone considering a run for office.

Sorry, Greenville. We know how much you love getting national press.

And we know how much you liked hearing last year’s news that you were the fourth-fasting growing area in the nation, but we’ve got sad news for you: We not even among the Top 10 metros that people are moving to.

To make matters worse, our South Carolina sister city Columbia comes in third overall followed behind Colorado Springs, Colo. and Virginia Beach, Va.

Some please inform the #yeahthatHYPEmachine to ease off the pedal.

Hypemachine Take Two: Downtown Greenville has long since needed a convention center. And if it hopes to truly capitalize on its new go-to-destination status, it’s going to need the kind of facility that can attract big-name conventions, your E3s and ComicCons and the AVN Entertainment Expos. (OK, maybe not that last one.)

Those types of conventions require massive centers — we’re talking facilities in the 1 million to 2.6 million square feet range. Even our TD Convention Center of Pleasantburg comes in around 400,000 square feet.

All of which makes a recent gushing GVLtoday post about the newly announced Greenville ONE Center rather perplexing. The daily newsletter reports:

You might remember some debate in 2016 over whether a new conference + convention center could be coming to downtown Greenville. Now we know: the answer is yes.

The Greenville ONE Center will be on the second + third floors of the ONE building downtown. Inside, you’ll find 36,000 sq. ft. of Class A+ meeting space (including multiple meeting rooms), a 274-seat auditorium, breakout rooms, and a catering kitchen + cafe.

Wait, wait — 36,000 square feet? That’s over 350,000 square feet less than our already undersized convention center.

The cheerleading doesn’t end there.

The pom-pom squad even goes as far as to suggest that this 36,000 square feet space “could be a huge boost for Greenville’s economy.”

Relax there, kids. Your bold-caps bloomers are showing. We don’t want you to go full-ALL CAPS now.

Stormy Daniels was in town last week, and the New York Times has a rather fun account of the porn star/alleged Trump paramour’s Greenville visit. Matt Flegenheimer reports:

Women swaggered by in tights, leatherette and heels that could dent metal,
brushing past a vending machine that spits cigarettes. Bartenders shooed too-stingy
visitors from the good seats, returning $15 in singles for a $5 drink order paid with a
20, and mouthing the lyrics to “Super Freak.”

Dancers pawed playfully at their prey, flipping their hair at patrons like a fishing

“All right — one,” a member of the news media relented eventually,
disappearing for a few minutes as a dancer led him to a back room. She returned a
short while later to flip her hair at the other scribes.

Other requests were less typical of the place. Suzanne Coe, 52, a local pub
owner, hoped Ms. Clifford might sign her copy of “Fire and Fury,” by Michael Wolff,
the lacerating, if error-specked, insider account of the Trump administration.

There was a time when we put a lot of stock in rumors that Nikki Haley had an affair with notorious Palmetto State blogger Will Folks and political operative Larry Marchant.

But in the years that followed, the story seemed more and more unlikely, especially as Folks’ account of their affair only yielded one episode of semi-heavy petting — and not the promised tell-all book.

So we have have trouble believing the latest allegation that Haley is currently engaged in an affair with Donald Trump. 

For one, it’s gross.

And two, these are the types of smears that are designed to derail ambitious women with promising careers still ahead of them.

Look for this rumor to be trotted out again in the future by both Democrats and Republicans, especially if Haley runs for president.

Jealousy is a powerful drug.


Screenshot 2018-01-25 at 10.11.58 AM


The South Carolina Democratic Party has a problem, one that few are willing to talk about it.

No, it has nothing to do with the fact that Democrats are willing participants in a gerrymandering scheme to ensure that certain figures continually get re-elected or certain districts remain in Blue State hands. (Although we should address that at some point)

And it has nothing to do with the party’s persistent need to present one-and-done senior citizen lambs for Election Day slaughter.

This year, it appears the Dems are actually fielding a field of young politicians who potentially have long political careers ahead of them, even if they don’t win this year. (OK, the cranky old folks are there too, but at least there’s some fresh meat to chew on.)

The problem that Palmetto State progressives have to deal with is the SCDP’s preferred way to disparage Republican opponents: Hint that they’re gay.

Former Democratic chair Dick Harpootlian proudly bashed Lindsey Graham by proclaiming that he was “too light in the loafers” when Graham was running for Strom Thurmond’s vacant U.S. Senate seat. (Over the years, Lindsey has been the persistent target of gay rumors.)

Harpootlian later set his homophobic sights on former state Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell.

Dick attacked the noted Confederate cosplay buff McConnell by once again touching on rumors about a politician’s sexuality, saying:  “Lt. Gov. McConnell also dresses the part, wearing a Civil War uniform and prancing into Civil War reenactments every weekend.”

All of this was particularly rich from a man whose very name sounds like a sex act.

Dick’s successor Jaime Harrison wasn’t much better.

In an attempt to criticize Graham and U.S. Sen. Tim Scott’s votes against protections for LGBT federal employees, Harrison decided to remind the public about rumors regarding their sexual orientations.

Harrison wrote: “Senators Graham and Scott’s opposition to this common-sense, pro-family and anti-discrimination measure is both bizarre and hypocritical.”

Now, there’s a new homophobe in the Democratic Party high chair, Trav Robertson.

Just yesterday, Robertson decided that the best way to attack Gov. Henry McMaster ahead of his State of State speech was to — you guessed it — call him gay: “Will Henry be the pandering pansy or will he stand up to Trump and Sanford to stop offshore drilling?”

Enough people. There is simply no place for this type of name-calling in the Democratic Party.

You simply cannot have gay rights as part of your party platform and engage in this type of behavior. You. Can’t.

Please stop now before you dick harpootlian your own party. —Wyatt Duvall





Stormy Daniels, the sad decline of the porn industry, and the curse of the side hustle

This column originally appeared at

Tonight, Stormy Daniels will be taking the stage at Greenville, S.C., strip club.

For Trump fans, the timing of Daniels’ Upstate visit must feel like a particular kind of VIP-room kismet, a chance to get a lap dance from the lady who reportedly spanked the president’s ass with a rolled up copy of Forbes magazine.

For others, it’s yet another international embarrassment that they’ll ignore as they watch the stock market rise and wonder when the Trump tax cut will trickle down onto them, and they’ll finally be able to bathe in gold ducats and wet, hot Bitcoins.

But lost in all of this is one cold hard truth: being a porn star has lost its luster. It’s a low-pay, dead-end job.

This wasn’t always the case.

Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 2.54.30 PM

Two decades ago, the Triple X industry reached its peak. The industry’s taboo had worn off to such a degree that nightly news magazines like Entertainment Tonight regularly reported on the genre’s top female stars with all the gushing adoration that they bestowed on Hollywood leading ladies like Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock.

Hugh Hefner had been transformed into a kindly grandfatherly figure that was one part Uncle Walt and one part Viagra prescription. Even infamous smut-master Larry Flynt had been turned in to an American hero despite having his first sexual experience with a chicken. It was nonconsensual. Presumably.

This was an era in which a silicon Barbie like Pamela Anderson could make the transition from Playboy Bunny to the star of of world’s biggest TV show, “Baywatch.”

It was a world in which Jenna Jameson, the star of such X-rated classics as “On Her Back,” “Up and Cummers 17,” and “Philmore Butts’ Taking Care of Business,” would pen a biography that would top the bestsellers list and emerge as one of the first major internet success stories, bringing in $15 million a year through her now defunct website

The following years weren’t bad either, as a wave of leaked home videos turned no-name non-talents like Kim Kardasian into celebrities. Meanwhile, the dirtiest porn star in the biz, Sasha Grey, parlayed her talents into a successful career as an actor (Steven Soderberg’s “The Girlfriend Experience” and HBO’s “The Entourage”), photographer, DJ, and CIA spy. Or at least that’s what Ms. Grey thought for a time.

But along the way from Jameson to the era of Trump and Daniels’ alleged tryst, something happened that destroyed the one-time glamorous life of XXX stars: porn became free.

Sites such as PornHub, Thumbzilla, and countless others came along offering the same content — often pirated — that other subscription-based sites hid behind hefty paywalls.

To make matters worse, the internet, coupled with the decreasing cost of video equipment, unzipped the latex catsuit floodgates on amateur porn and cam girls.

To paraphrase Dave from “2001,” the world was now full of stars, but as a result they had all lost their luster. There simply was little to no money for porn stars to make.

This same thing has happened to rock ‘n’ rollers and journalists.

Both of their industries have been decimated by the changes that the internet has brought forth. Where musicians could once make a living on their album sales, now they must relentlessly rely on DIY T-shirts and miscellaneous merch, all while relentlessly hitting the road as both tour manager and roadie and serving as producer and mixer when they make recordings at home. Journalists, meanwhile, no longer even get paid; they only get the promise of more exposure and clicks, clicks, clicks.

When the product you produce is free — and when the barriers to entry have been all but obliterated — the professionals are left with no recourse but to fight over the skinned knee, side-hustle scraps. They become every bit as desperate for any attention, for any retweet mention, for any Like or Share or promise to subscribe to your newsletter, they will gladly put their lips to the privates of any Kickstarter-GoFundMe patron.

Today, porn starlets like Stormy Daniels, Lisa Ann, or Tori Black have to venture out on the strip club circuit when they’re not in L.A. or Vegas or Miami cutting a video.

Even sadder, they routinely have to schedule cam shows and literally beg their would-be laptop paramours into buying them the routine items you or I might order from Amazon — clothes, video games, books. Like so many today in Trump’s America, they can’t get by on the $50,000 they make each year, despite shooting dozens of films, some even on the same day.

And few things detail just how dreary the financial prospects for porn stars in 2018 America are then then paltry sum of money Trump reportedly paid Daniels to keep the news of their alleged year-long tryst a secret: $130,000. Consider this: In the late 1980s, Jessica Hanh was paid $363,700 to keep her affair with PTL snake-oil preacher Jim Bakker to keep the lurid details of their dalliance a secret. Spoiler alert: No chickens were harmed and Hahn went on to achieve arm-candy video stardom with non-deceased funnyman Sam Kinison.

Years ago, if Stormy Daniels had waited for her paramour to become president, she could have taken her story to a national publishing house — a Harper Collins or Random House — and sold her story for millions. Needless to say, the resulting press coverage would’ve turned Daniels into a household name.

Now, she’s just a footnote — a strange, sad footnote in a strange, sad tale about the decline of the American dream, one in which even a porn star has to engage in the dreary business of hoofing it from one hopeless gig to another like a some sort of G-string Willie Loman of the modern age. —Wyatt Duvall


Trump strumpet Stormy Daniels is coming to Greenville

Saturday night, Greenvillians will get a chance to see the porn star at the center of the latest Donald Trump shame-o-rama scandal — Stormy Daniels — in person and up close. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really up close.

The star of such notable X-rated hits as The Witches of Breastwick, Porking with Pride 2, Spreading My Seed, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre, and Pussy Sweat will be dancing at Greenville’s Trophy Club.

And the Trophy Club gang is more than happy to tap into that Trump connection to woo Upstate residents to their Airport Road establishment.

Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 2.56.51 PM

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the president of the United States of America paid the director of Sex Door Neighbors, $130,000 to keep her mouth shut about a one-night in-out, in-out session with The Donald, a man who has been accused of sexually assaulting numerous women and raping his ex-wife Ivana.

However, the most damning allegation against Trump was reported by Newsweek last November. According to Newsweek:

In 1994, Trump went to a party with Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire who was a notorious registered sex offender, and raped a 13-year-old girl that night in what was a “savage sexual attack,” according to a lawsuit filed in June 2016 by “Jane Doe.” The account was corroborated by a witness in the suit, who claimed to have watched as the child performed various sexual acts on Trump and Epstein even after the two were advised she was a minor.

“Immediately following this rape Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed,” Jane Doe wrote in the lawsuit, filed in New York.

The lawsuit was dropped in November 2016, just four days before the election, with Jane Doe’s attorneys citing “numerous threats” against her.

And then there’s the Steele dossier, which reports, among other things, that Trump was provided with Russian hookers while on a trip to the former U.S.S.R. To make matters worse, he was reportedly videotaped urging them to piss on a bed in which former President Barack Obama had slept.

Yesterday, In Touch magazine published an account of some of the alleged details involving the Trump and Stormy tryst.

The only question that remains now is which Greenville reporter will be assigned to visit the Trophy Club on Saturday.

Not this guy of course. I’ve got an aversion to buffet bars and baby powder. —Wyatt Duvall


Beer Ban, Benghazi Boy, and Racist Bon Mots from a Racist President

“I’ve never fallen in love with a place as quickly as I did with Greenville.” So begins a glowing Washington Post write up on our fair city, the sparkling crown jewel of the Upstate.

While we love this city — truly, madly, deeply — we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that the reason GVL ends up getting profiled has less to do with the glorious revitalization of our town than it does with the shock-and-awe marketing blitz that has been the primary MO of our local conventions and visitors bureau, Visit Greenville SC.

For years CVBs have successfully scored positive press coverage for their ’villes and ’burgs by, um, inviting journalists to visit their clients, er, hometowns.

None of this wrong, per se. It’s just the nature of the business.

But like anything, love ain’t free.

File this under You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone: Starting March 1 all bars in Greenville County will be required to close at 2 a.m.

What? You mean, we could’ve been post-2 a.m. drinking at World Cup Billiards on White Horse Road all these years … and we haven’t. (Raises fist to the sky and curses. End scene.)

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 1.29.00 PM

Tired of Trey “Benghazi” Gowdy. Well, meet Will Morin. A Greenville Democrat, philanthropist, athletic trainer, and former newspaper columnist, Morin is taking on the ex-prosecutor Gowdy, a man who was dogged by reports last year that he was itching to leave D.C. Morin’s key issues: protecting our environment and infrastructure, supporting affordable housing, and reducing the cost of healthcare.

Speaking of Gowdy, last week he resigned his post as a member of the House Ethics Committee. Why? His reason: He had too much on his plate. The Dem spin: Gowdy resigned because he paid a former staffer $150,000 in a wrongful firing settlement, according to the WaPo. The staffer’s fireable offense: refusing to focus his investigation on Hillary Clinton’s alleged Benghazi misdeeds.

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 10.53.03 AM

West End Properties LLC plans to build a new townhouse subdivision at Claussen Avenue and Thurston Street in the Haynie-Sirrine neighborhood and has submitted an application to increase the number of lots from 26 to 30. City staff recommends approving the application. The townhouses will be just a few blocks over from Brick Street Cafe.

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 11.12.43 AM

Speaking of development news, plans have been submitted for redeveloping Stratham Place Apartments, a block west of the Poinsett Highway-Rutherford Road intersection that’s currently home to the Radio Room.

Clemson University’s diversity head took a swipe at President Donald Trump’s recent statement blasting “shithole” nations. In a MLK Day speech, Clemson Chief Diversity Officer Lee Gill noted that all men are created equal “no matter if you are from Haiti or the continent of Africa,” according to the Anderson Independent.

Two comments on the article expressed what we’re up against perfectly.

The first: “Maybe Gill should scat on over to Somalia,,the un grateful goon…Guess he didn’t here ’bout Trump establishing a park in honor of MLK,lol.”

The second: “I dont think Mr Trump’s comment was derogatory or racist. He simpley stated in street language what we all know but dont want to publicly state. He was not making comments about any one country or any one race. Only a racist would hear those comments and make such allegations.”

Street language, eh?

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 1.34.45 PM

In a recent Greenville News op-ed, current Lite Guv and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Kevin Bryant attacked abortion providers and championed the school-choice scam.

Neither’s a shock. For hardcore fundies like Bryant, this is their stock in trade.

However, we did find it particularly rich when Bryant had this to say: “My voting record in the Senate reflects my belief that Columbia does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem.”

Why? Bryant owns a pharmacy in Anderson that has received “$19.5 million in state payments since 2008, records show,” according to The State.

Spending problem indeed.



Shithole. Shithouse. Shitmole. Does it really matter which word President Trump said. It’s the sentiment of his statement that matters most.

And when it comes to South Carolina, few are actually going to call Trump exactly what he is — and that’s the most common kind of racist.

You know exactly the kind of person I’m talking about: the guy who spouts off racist BS, proclaims he’s just saying what everybody else is thinking but is too scared of the political correct police to voice, and then takes great and furious umbridge when anyone calls him out for being a racist.

While our senior senator Lindsey Graham deserves some considerable credit for confronting Trump about his comments — yet another in a string of racist bon mots the Donald has dropped since he first descended from that golden escalator many moons ago — Graham has declined to specifically say what Trump said that so deserved a round-table rebuke.

Given that Lindsey was once one of Trump’s staunchest critics but is now one of his most high-profile allies, you have to wonder if Graham is playing the long-game, if not a long con.

After all, the Upstate warhawk is a foreign policy expert who has a far more sensitive eye on international affairs than our Girther in Chief. So it’s within reason for Graham to believe that he must do whatever it takes to make sure that Trump’s Twitter tantrums don’t lead to an unintended war, thermonuclear or otherwise.

God help us all. —Wyatt Duvall


Gentrification, Topgolf, and Satan. Yes, Satan.

Sensing weakness in S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson, who is wrapped up in the Quinn Statehouse corruption scandal, Greenville Attorney William Herlong has announced he’ll challenge the current AG in the 2018 Republican primary for the state’s top lawman.

According to the Greenville News, Herlong “has taken out a $200,000 loan and contributed $24,000 of his own money to his campaign, while Wilson has slightly more than $1 million in campaign cash on hand.”

The Upstate candidate then went on to say, “What does it say that an attorney general is sitting on $1 million? Why would people give $1 million to an attorney general other than to buy influence?”

We’ll take that to mean Herlong has no intention of raising campaign funds beyond his initial $224,000 investment.




Well, it looks like Topgolf is indeed coming to Greenville. Months ago, plans were posted on the Greenville County website of what appeared to be the proposed blueprint for the swingers’ park, but after local media reported it, the Dallas-based biz balked, saying the deal wasn’t done yet. But now, it appears that plans are moving forward. Fore!

Editor’s note: Topgolf recently began expanding into Detroit, Cleveland, and Myrtle Beach, with rumors they’re eyeing a spot in the San Francisco Bay area.

The newsletter GVLtoday is hoping to launch its fourth offshoot, AVLtoday, in February in, well, Asheville, N.C. Owned by 6AM City LLC (with ties to the Community Journals family, aka Greenville Journal, Upstate Business Journal, etc.), the newsletter previously spawned a successful Columbia franchise, COLAtoday.  As for their outpost in Charleston, CHStoday, it appears to still be having trouble getting off the ground despite being announced a year ago (see screen cap below).  

Screenshot 2018-01-08 at 6.30.37 PMI know you say you’re OK, but are you sure? Because you don’t look it.Let me try another link, this one straight from the GVLtoday. Homepage.

Screenshot 2018-01-09 at 9.12.52 AM

Oh, bless their hearts.

Greenville early-morning and late-night fave Sully’s Steamers is opening up a string of new locations. Sadly, not a single one of them is Greenville County. Instead, the home of the pippin’ hot steamed bagel is opening restaurants in Clemson, Charleston, and Columbia, as well as Athens, Ga.

Nikki Haley is apparently Satan. I didn’t say that. Michael Wolff did. In his hilarious White House satire, “Fire and Fury.”

What’s that? It’s not a satire.


Man, we’re up shit’s creek.

Gentrification is not a four-letter word. It’s 14-letter one. And it can be good or bad. Either way, the next phase of gentrification in West Greenville looks as if it’s going to revolve around bulldozing old houses and building new ones. One need only to drive down Pendleton Street through the heart of the Village of WG and see that.

Now word has come out that a developer is proposing a three-lot subdivision on Douthit Street.

If this pace of knock over-and-replace continues, the Village won’t just be kicking out longtime residents, they’ll be kicking out the gentrifying bohos, young pros, and artists that helped make the area hip.

Meet Republican Mike Burns, S.C. Statehouse representative for Travelers Rest. Mike hates porn, wants “In God We Trust” displayed in all Palmetto State classrooms, and wishes the state would erect a monument to all the imaginary African-American men who fought for the Confederacy — psst , they’re weren’t any (at least who did so willingly). He’s running unopposed.


No, seriously, why?

Amazing Race fans, listen up. Your favorite host is coming to town.


Sly devils say sly things. Or at least they think they’re saying sly things. Especially when they’re trying to paint themselves as outsiders.

Take William Herlong for instance. He’s no malevolent force, mind you — heck, he’s probably a right swell guy, a real Mr. Smith Goes to Colatown who wants to clean up corruption at the Statehouse. And boy oh boy, does it need cleaning up.

He knows what he’s saying when he bashes Alan Wilson’s $1 million war chest.

More importantly, he knows what you think he’s saying, namely that he’s not going to play the same bobbing for apples money grab that every politician does. Nope.

Money buys influence, and influence breeds corruption. But not Herlong.

He’s a different man, a different bred.

He looks at Wilson campaign coffers and says, “Millions, I don’t need no stinkin’ millions.”

Except when he does.

Screenshot 2018-01-09 at 9.21.02 AM

Right now, Herlong wants a handout. From you and me and, hell, probably even those same corrupt fat cats who helped get Alan Wilson elected.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is how campaigns are run. This is how our Democracy works. We can bitch and moan about it all we like. But it’s not going to change.

Anybody that tells you otherwise is just trying to pull a fast one on you. –Wyatt Duvall



North Hills Auto proposes mixed-use development on Augusta Road

Last year, angry Augusta Road residents threw a five-alarm fit over a proposed Chic-fil-A along the cramped commercial thoroughfare — and they were were rewarded for their collective display of pearl-clutching indignation. As result, the project was sent to the slaughterhouse to be plucked and dismembered … and hopefully to later be deep-fat fried and never served on Sunday.

That wasn’t the only time the lords and ladies of Augusta Road showed their municipal might. Just a few months ago, they seemingly kicked up enough barnyard dirt to stop another proposed project in their hood.

Now, they may have just found a new foe: a proposed mixed-use project involving North Hills Automotive.

According to plans submitted to the Board of Zoning Appeals, North Hills wants to take their current site, 1428 Augusta St., and construct a mixed-use project that would serve as the shop’s new home downstairs while upstairs would be set aside for four apartments.

In addition, two additional properties on Catachee Avenue are also part of the proposal. One in particular is currently zoned for general residential.

The whole thing will surround BJ’s Music on its two non-street-facing sides.

Screenshot 2018-01-05 at 1.03.31 PM

Here are some more details from the plan:

Screenshot 2018-01-05 at 12.36.54 PM


Screenshot 2018-01-05 at 12.35.42 PM

Given the area’s previous track record, it’s uncertain if North Hills will get their BZA wish. –Wyatt Duvall


Proposed self-storage complex sets sights on Greenville’s West End

When the good folks at Condé Nast Traveler named Greenville the No. 3 small city in America, I’m sure they really wanted to put our fair city up at No. 1, but one thing prevented them: what GVL really needed to set itself apart was a self-storage facility smack in the heart of the West End.

And if one company has its way, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

TD Self Storage Enterprises LLC has submitted plans to the Board of Zoning Appeals to build a proposed Class A+ Interior Self Storage and Mixed Use Development at 101 O’Neal Street. And it’s all just hop, skip, and a jump from the tony new Link West End Apartments, among other new much-ballyhooed developments.

Seriously, we’d recommend almost anything to stop the onslaught of big money apartment high-rises, but this isn’t what we had in mind — no matter if it comes complete with a brand-new understaffed restaurant and yet another twee coffee shop.

Greenville’s been beset by a rash of self-storage facilities lately, and so far, no one seems willing to appeal any municipal ointment to make it go away. Maybe this is the final straw. Let’s see what the BZA says.

But in the meantime, you might want to consider contacting Mayor White himself. He flipped on 55 Camperdown, he just might flip on this. — Wyatt Duvall


Screenshot 2018-01-04 at 6.37.36 PM