Beer Ban, Benghazi Boy, and Racist Bon Mots from a Racist President

“I’ve never fallen in love with a place as quickly as I did with Greenville.” So begins a glowing Washington Post write up on our fair city, the sparkling crown jewel of the Upstate.

While we love this city — truly, madly, deeply — we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that the reason GVL ends up getting profiled has less to do with the glorious revitalization of our town than it does with the shock-and-awe marketing blitz that has been the primary MO of our local conventions and visitors bureau, Visit Greenville SC.

For years CVBs have successfully scored positive press coverage for their ’villes and ’burgs by, um, inviting journalists to visit their clients, er, hometowns.

None of this wrong, per se. It’s just the nature of the business.

But like anything, love ain’t free.

File this under You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone: Starting March 1 all bars in Greenville County will be required to close at 2 a.m.

What? You mean, we could’ve been post-2 a.m. drinking at World Cup Billiards on White Horse Road all these years … and we haven’t. (Raises fist to the sky and curses. End scene.)

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 1.29.00 PM

Tired of Trey “Benghazi” Gowdy. Well, meet Will Morin. A Greenville Democrat, philanthropist, athletic trainer, and former newspaper columnist, Morin is taking on the ex-prosecutor Gowdy, a man who was dogged by reports last year that he was itching to leave D.C. Morin’s key issues: protecting our environment and infrastructure, supporting affordable housing, and reducing the cost of healthcare.

Speaking of Gowdy, last week he resigned his post as a member of the House Ethics Committee. Why? His reason: He had too much on his plate. The Dem spin: Gowdy resigned because he paid a former staffer $150,000 in a wrongful firing settlement, according to the WaPo. The staffer’s fireable offense: refusing to focus his investigation on Hillary Clinton’s alleged Benghazi misdeeds.

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 10.53.03 AM

West End Properties LLC plans to build a new townhouse subdivision at Claussen Avenue and Thurston Street in the Haynie-Sirrine neighborhood and has submitted an application to increase the number of lots from 26 to 30. City staff recommends approving the application. The townhouses will be just a few blocks over from Brick Street Cafe.

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 11.12.43 AM

Speaking of development news, plans have been submitted for redeveloping Stratham Place Apartments, a block west of the Poinsett Highway-Rutherford Road intersection that’s currently home to the Radio Room.

Clemson University’s diversity head took a swipe at President Donald Trump’s recent statement blasting “shithole” nations. In a MLK Day speech, Clemson Chief Diversity Officer Lee Gill noted that all men are created equal “no matter if you are from Haiti or the continent of Africa,” according to the Anderson Independent.

Two comments on the article expressed what we’re up against perfectly.

The first: “Maybe Gill should scat on over to Somalia,,the un grateful goon…Guess he didn’t here ’bout Trump establishing a park in honor of MLK,lol.”

The second: “I dont think Mr Trump’s comment was derogatory or racist. He simpley stated in street language what we all know but dont want to publicly state. He was not making comments about any one country or any one race. Only a racist would hear those comments and make such allegations.”

Street language, eh?

Screenshot 2018-01-17 at 1.34.45 PM

In a recent Greenville News op-ed, current Lite Guv and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Kevin Bryant attacked abortion providers and championed the school-choice scam.

Neither’s a shock. For hardcore fundies like Bryant, this is their stock in trade.

However, we did find it particularly rich when Bryant had this to say: “My voting record in the Senate reflects my belief that Columbia does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem.”

Why? Bryant owns a pharmacy in Anderson that has received “$19.5 million in state payments since 2008, records show,” according to The State.

Spending problem indeed.



Shithole. Shithouse. Shitmole. Does it really matter which word President Trump said. It’s the sentiment of his statement that matters most.

And when it comes to South Carolina, few are actually going to call Trump exactly what he is — and that’s the most common kind of racist.

You know exactly the kind of person I’m talking about: the guy who spouts off racist BS, proclaims he’s just saying what everybody else is thinking but is too scared of the political correct police to voice, and then takes great and furious umbridge when anyone calls him out for being a racist.

While our senior senator Lindsey Graham deserves some considerable credit for confronting Trump about his comments — yet another in a string of racist bon mots the Donald has dropped since he first descended from that golden escalator many moons ago — Graham has declined to specifically say what Trump said that so deserved a round-table rebuke.

Given that Lindsey was once one of Trump’s staunchest critics but is now one of his most high-profile allies, you have to wonder if Graham is playing the long-game, if not a long con.

After all, the Upstate warhawk is a foreign policy expert who has a far more sensitive eye on international affairs than our Girther in Chief. So it’s within reason for Graham to believe that he must do whatever it takes to make sure that Trump’s Twitter tantrums don’t lead to an unintended war, thermonuclear or otherwise.

God help us all. —Wyatt Duvall


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